Jayson Chin & Associates – Orthotic and Prosthetic practice in Cape Town

We boast an exceptional range of skill sets from our highly experienced professionals, providing prosthetic solutions for every kind of amputee, sports and clinical bracing as well as neuro and rehabilitation.

At Jayson Chin & Associates we aim to empower people by exceeding their expectations of what can be achieved, both physically and mentally.

Our carefully selected product range is tailored to the management of every kind of injury and condition. Our skilled professionals are also qualified to manufacture a range of custom made devices to suite the condition at hand.

We only stock products from the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure we offer the best outcome.

Jayson Chin & Associates have four branches – two are situated in Life Orthpaedic Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands and the others are at Back to Health in Claremont and the Medsport branch in Bree Street in the CBD.

What We Do – Jayson Chin & Associates

  • Prosthetics for lower and upper limb amputees
  • Surgical and clinical bracing for traumatic injuries and theatre procedures
  • Custom manufactured foot Orthotics evaluated with high end technology and extensive experience
  • Sports and Injury bracing for various types of injuries
  • Mobility and home nursing equipment for individuals with mobility impairments
  • Ergonomic products for the home and office
  • Exercise and rehabilitation products for the active individuals partaking in sports  activities.

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Our Bree Street and Vincent Pallotti branches also host our retail store, Medsport, through which we provide an array of sports equipment and bracing to the public.

Latest News

Stay updated with the latest news and advice from our highly experienced professionals, providing neuro, rehabilitation, sports, and clinical bracing as well as prosthetic information and tips for every kind of amputee.