Mobility – About mobility orthotics

Jayson Chin & Associates  is proud to present a newly added division to patient care – Mobility Orthotics. This includes wheelchair seating and positioning for different conditions, as well as home nursing equipment, environmental adaptations and assistive devices.

Wheelchair Seating & Positioning for Different Conditions

A wheelchair may be required for an array of conditions, including stroke, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disease, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury. Each condition has specific needs and requires an holistic approach. It is very important to keep in consideration all the factors which influence the final choice of equipment, such as profession, the environment in which the patient finds himself, at work and at home and the type of activities he or she is interested in pursuing.

Good pressure care and adequate support of the spine and pelvis is essential. Pressure ulcers are often caused by inadequate pressure care and or positioning and can cause severely debilitating complications, rendering the patient inactive, often for long periods at a time. In most instances, the issuing of mobility equipment goes hand in hand with the prescription of other orthotic devices, especially in the case of pediatrics, which makes this a good addition to the company’s repertoire.

Professional Assessments for Mobility Orthotics

At Jayson Chin and Associates we provide professional assessments for all mobility equipment, pressure care, positioning devices as well as home nursing devices. We can also suggest manual, motorized and Pediatric wheelchairs, which are adaptable and easy to modify to ensure a perfect fit for every individual’s needs.

We also offer call outs and recommendations for adapting the home and work environment to accommodate the individual’s needs.

What About Sport?

For active wheelchair users that may want to partake in sport such as basketball, wheelchair rugby, cycle racing and even golf, we are able to provide a suitable options There is a wide range of equipment on the market today that are specifically designed for the required sport that you would like to engage in.

Assessments usually take between an hour and one and a half hours. We understand that it is often difficult to mobilise patients with conditions listed above  and we therefore also offer full assessments at the client’s residence on request.