Golf – About golfing with prosthetics

Most Amputee Patients

A standard prosthesis can be used for playing golf. However, due the rotation of the lower limbs during a standard golf swing a torque adapter or shock absorber is ideal for dispersing the forces on the residual limb. These can either be built in to the prosthetic foot or they may be added as a component. The length of residual limb and the build height of the prosthetic foot would need to be taken in to account as to whether these components or foot choice would fit. By adding these components one reduces the strain on your residual limb, hip and/or knee joints and lower back.

Golfing is Possible for Amputees

Golf is possible for amputees with below knee amputations, Through knee amputations and Above knee amputations.

A Golf Prosthesis

A Golf prosthesis can be either suspended by suction with a silicone liner or with pin lock and a silicone liner depending on the level of amputation.

Most above knee amputees as well as through knee amputees would require a prosthetic knee joint that is stable, especially on slopes and uneven terrain. If you are not already on a knee joint that offer these features, your knee joint would have to be upgraded. A knee joint without these features would feel like it wants to unlock when on a slope or uneven terrain. There are many knee joints on the market that offer this essential stability on undulating terrain. Please consult your prosthetist about the options available if you are having problems with your current knee joint.

Golf Prosthesis - Most Important Aspect

The most important aspect of a Golf prosthesis is shock absorption and torque. The shock absorption and torque reduces strain on your residual limb as well as all your remaining anatomical boney joints and soft tissue structures. There are feet on the market that offer these features as well as adapters that can be put onto your existing prosthesis.

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