Through Knee – About a through knee amputation

Knee Disarticulation Amputation

A Through knee amputation is also called a knee disarticulation amputation and is a fairly common amputation where the leg is amputated through the joint line of the knee.

A Through knee prosthesis is challenging to use at first but with training independence from assistive devises such as crutches can be achieved after 4 to 12 weeks of receiving the prosthesis.

Through Knee Prosthesis

A Through knee prosthesis will allow you to stand, walk and sit comfortably. Depending on the componentry, you would also be able to negotiate ramps and stairs, both ascending and descending as well as walking on uneven terrain. Some components can even be used in water. Please let your prosthetist know if using a prosthesis in water is important to you. Most through knee amputees, depending on their physical condition, can walk for longer distances without any difficulties or assistive devices.

Through Knee Socket

A through knee socket is custom made according to the shape and size of the residual limb and this custom made socket is the part of the prosthesis that interacts with your residual limb and the prosthetic components. We as a company provide a 6 month guarantee on our sockets which means that we will insure that the socket fits you and is as comfortable and functional as possible. During this time you will not pay for any consultations or modification that we make to the socket.

The prosthesis is suspended from the limb by means of suction, generally with a silicone liner. Weight bearing is distributed over the entire surface of the residual limb and the advantage of a Through Knee amputation is that the bottom of the stump is also able to take weight, greatly increasing socket comfort and function.

Flexion & Extension of Knee Joint

The knee joint allows both flexion and extension and varies in function depending on which knee you and your prosthetist choose to use. Our prosthetists are experienced in using a wide range of knee joints and we are manufacturer certified to fit high end componentry including the X3, Genium, C-leg and Rheo Knee joint.

A variety of feet can be used with this type of prosthesis and this will be decided by you and your prosthetist.

Patient Preferences

Some patients prefer to have their prosthesis uncovered with all the components exposed. Others prefer the prosthesis to look more life-like, while others want to make a statement with their prosthesis. We can assist with all options depending on your needs. Please let your prosthetist know if aesthetics is important to you so that the prosthesis can be made to look the way you want it too.

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